About Us

Who Are We

Fleurieu Peninsula Food is an industry association developed for the benefit of all ‘foodies’ on the Peninsula.

Pip Forrester  McLaren Vale Food Company Chairperson/Treasurer
Kristin McLartly Fox Creek Wines Board Member
Vicki Matchett Matchett Productions Deputy Chairperson
Michael Harbison Nangkita Olives Board Member
Campbell Haig No 58 Cellar Door & Gallery Board Member
Grant Gartrell The Blueberry Patch Public Officer
Todd Steele Chef Steele Board Member
Ellen Morgan Els Morgan Board Member

Fleurieu Peninsula Food’s goals are:

  1. To increase visitor numbers and enhance the food experience to visitors
    and residents of our region.
  2. Encourage regional food business to strengthen and grow.
  3. Encourage new businesses that can contribute to the regional food identity.
  4. Engage retail and hospitality sectors in the distribution and delivery for regional foods.
  5. Promote and deliver a more active food experience in the region.
  6. Integrate the coast and its resources as part of regional food experiences.
  7. Encourage and promote a food culture incorporating the concepts of sustainability and seasonal activities.
  8. Develop ‘brand’ awareness, promote quality and accreditation, strengthen & protect regional identity.
  9. Engage established food industries and business personalities to promote improved regional performance.


‘Food Groups’ of South Australia were originally part of the State Food Plan.

Food South Australia held a regional food workshop in 2002. A number of food industry members from the Fleurieu Peninsula region participating in the workshop were inspired to investigate the creation of a regional food group.

A number of the workshop participants formed a Working Party.

The Working Party held industry meetings to assess the feasibility of a group. It was agreed that the food industry of the Peninsula would benefit from a collaborative region-wide industry association and Fleurieu Peninsula Food was formed.

Fleurieu Peninsula Food secured funding from the Government, at State level from Food SA, via Office of Regional Affairs, and through local government from the City of Onkaparinga. This allowed Fleurieu Peninsula Food to fund the role of a Project Manager and undertake projects.

Fleurieu Peninsula Food has now become a self-funded organisation. Fundraising activities and membership fees allow this group to undertake projects in line with the Nine Goals.

Since the appointment of the Project Manager in November 2003, Fleurieu Peninsula Food has become an incorporated body.

Fleurieu Peninsula Food has built the foundations for the Association including the formation of a Membership base. Fleurieu Peninsula Food invites everyone in the food industry of Fleurieu Peninsula to join the group and lead the way for the future of food in the region.

The Role of Fleurieu Peninsula Food

The role of Fleurieu Food is to:

  1. Celebrate and authenticate the regional provenance of food from the Fleurieu Peninsula through showcasing the people, characters and endeavours of Fleurieu Peninsula Food Members.
  2. Support food businesses to thrive by investing & participating in region wide positioning activities, marketing, skills development and through connecting people, businesses and opportunities.
  3. Advocate and attract investment by the federal, state and local government into the food sector.

As a starting point we have agreed that ‘Food Tourism’ is the food aspect that connects all of us from all sectors of the industry and across the whole of the Peninsula. We will work together to ensure that food and food experiences play a central role in the promotion and development of quality products on the Peninsula.

Collectively, through membership, communication, projects, programs and celebrations we will enhance the food experiences of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

This Website is part of our information sharing, through this and other mediums, such as our Newsletter and Networking functions, we will let every one know what is happening and ask that you join us in working towards the dream of having a serious quality food profile.