Media Release 2015 Fleurieu Fiesta! Olive Awards

Olive Awards – Entries now open

The Fiesta! Olive Awards have been critical in developing the reputation of Fleurieu Peninsula as a premium Australian region for olive and oil production.

Designed to promote and celebrate regional and varietal character in extra virgin olive oils and table olives, entries are now open to entries from all over the Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island.

The Awards are grounded in a food culture that is thousands of years old and celebrates the rich cultural heritage underpinning the history of the industry in the region. The Mediterranean climate, recent investment in modern plant and equipment and a great deal of passion has seen superior varieties yield consistent qualities of high quality oil and olives.

Don’t miss your chance to be a success story!

Benefits of Entering:

  • Supporting the local olive industry.
  • Receiving feedback from experienced judges.
  • Marketing opportunities for your brand and produce throughout the extended Fleurieu region and at designated food retail outlets, farmers’ markets and culinary events in South Australia.
  • Entries may feature in public tastings, in special menus and sensory workshops to highlight the characteristics of quality oils and olives.

Click here for more details, photos and entry forms.

Or you can contact Rachel McMillan, Chief Steward on 0405 264 381,

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