Le Mistral Restaurant

Le Mistral Restaurant


8 Hill Street

Willunga, SA,, 5172

Ph: (08) 8556 4488
Ph: 0439 248 374


The name mistral comes from the Languedoc dialect of the Occitan and means “masterly”.

Mistral (wind)
The mistral is a strong, cold, northwesterly wind that blows from
southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the northern Mediterranean, with sustained winds often exceeding forty kilometers per hour (11 m/s), sometimes reaching one hundred kilometers per hour (28 m/s).
In France, it refers to a violent, cold, north or northwest wind that
accelerates when it passes through the valleys of the Rhone and the Durance
Rivers to the coast of the Mediterranean around the Camargue region The mistral is usually accompanied by clear, fresh weather, and it plays an important role in creating the climate of Provence

I was raised in Provence (South of France) and in this region “Le Mistral” blows quite often throughout the year. The locals say it blows for 1, 3 or 9 days. Everyone in France knows the name of this type of wind and it’s one of the images that comes to mind when we think about Provence after of course the sun, apero, olives, wine….

Willunga reminds us of the South of France with its landscape (in some ways), produce and climate as well as Willunga Hill as it is know as “Windy Hill”, so for us it was a symbol… Australia… France… Willunga. And with Encounter Bay not far away either…

Le Mistral, it is a French restaurant with some Provençal influence


Sandrine & Tarik.

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