We’re delighted to extend an invitation to you to savour the very best of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Yes, it’s about the food, and world-famous wine.

But it’s also about the people – the warmth and hospitality they extend, their affection for their region and why they love to share it with visitors. It’s not exactly showing off, but they’re very keen to let you taste their local treasures. It will make your visit to the Fleurieu that much more memorable – and make you hungry to come back soon for more.

All across the Fleurieu, we’re passionate and intently focused on producing the best and enjoying it all in the company of great people is fundamental to the Fleurieu way of living. This is why you’ll see our winemakers dining in local restaurants, our chefs at the farmers’ markets and producers checking out cellar door tasting rooms to see what their winemaker mates are up to.

It’s the sum of these parts that makes the Fleurieu a region completely engaged with its eating and drinking culture. We think it’s the ideal destination for leisure lovers with a hunger to taste the good things in life.