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Meet Co-founder and Managing Director ULLI SPRANZ,
of multi-award-winning dairy company B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

Ulli Spranz Fleuieu Food HeroThe STORY

A story of true determination, guts and glory, the B.-d. Farm Paris Creek history has had an enormous impact on the region and Australia’s food industry. This ‘paddock-to-plate’ dairy is one of the most energy-effecient and biodynamic-organic food processing companies in the country. Plus, their products are utterly moorish and their cows are happy!

Ulli Spranz and husband Helmut migrated from Germany in 1987, with the dream to set up an all biodynamic-organic dairy farm. “We wanted our children to grow up on a biodynamic-organic farm, as we wanted to provide the most healthy lifestyle for them,” Ulli says.

Not long after moving to Paris Creek, the Spranz were producing a range of products. With popularity came demand, and their list of outlets continued to soar, including supermarkets, and interstate and international export.

They’ve since expanded their dairy herd and established a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with an all-organic production line. Despite their growth, they remain true to their start-off objectives. “We have never wavered from our natural ideals, maintaining an entirely biodynamic farm, and never utilising anything artificial.”


Ulli is a stellar example of a food hero, never giving up in her belief to begin and develop an entirely biodynamic – organic dairy business. “We were the first dairy farming, and we simply never gave it a chance to fail,” she says. “You can move mountains by doing what you believe in, and this is what we believed in.”

An inspiration, Ulli has been awarded countless times for her achievements in business, and her dedication to the industry, including her recent induction into the Business Women Hall of Fame.

Not only do the Spranz and B.-d. Farm Paris Creek exhibit an incredible example of Fleurieu produce, but they also support the local rural farming community. “We always will support local.”


For Ulli and husband Helmut, the Fleurieu was the ideal spot to begin their dreams. After traveling around Australia, it was the Fleurieu Hills they fell for. “We absolutely fell in love with it,” she says, “South Australia is a fantastic agriculture state, and the Fleurieu is the perfect place for dairying.”

Ulli says the Fleurieu has played an integral role in her business growth, with the incredible community support for all things local. She believes it’s the ideal location to grow a business from very small to whatever you dream it to be.

YOUR part of the story

Be part of the B.-d. Farm Paris Creek story by trying their delicious products (white milks, flavoured milks, unique quarks, healthy, natural yogurts, European hard and French-style soft cheeses and unsalted butter). Visit the website for stockists www.bdfarmpariscreek.com.au