What’s In Season

The Fleurieu Peninsula’s Mediterranean-like climate combined with a food and wine focused lifestyle makes this region one of South Australia’s most vibrant culinary hotspots. Its farmers and chefs, like its grape growers and winemakers, are attuned to the clear call of each season, ensuring that the paddock to plate principle is not only alive and well but fine tuned to new heights.


September – November

Average temperature – a mild 22C

Summer Season

  • Milk is at its creamy best with warm sunshine encouraging green grass for feed
  • Spring lamb is renowned for its tenderness and flavour
  • Asparagus and broad beans are in the Spring garden
  • Goat’s milk cheeses are fresh and bitey/tangy
  • Bud burst in vineyards signal a new growing season
  • Swaying fields of wheat are ready for harvest
  • Outdoor living begins afresh
  • Fleurieu Food Fiesta! Olive awards
  • New season’s olive oil at its fresh best
  • Opening of the yabbie season

“It’s a slower pace than the city and the vibe here is great, especially among  chefs and food producers. People actually care about the place!” ~ Ben Sommariva, The Kitchen Door



December – February

Average temperature 25 – 34C

Summer Season

  • The southern coast is the Fleurieu’s summer playground, with clear blue waters, perfect for fishing, swimming or just chilling out
  • The paddocks turn golden, contrasting the deep green
    of vineyards
  • Grape harvest begins in late February with a flurry of activity
  • Figs and mulberries stain fingers with juicy goodness
  • Orchards are full of ripe avocados and stone fruit
  • Vegetable gardens are abundant with salad greens, herbs, tomatoes and chillies
  • Groups of friends and families gather to preserve the summer’s bounty for winter, especially tomatoes
  • Farmers Markets are brimming with the region’s freshest fruits and vegetables
  • McLaren Vale Harvest Festival

“The climate appears to me to bear such a resemblance to Syria, and other countries in the Mediterranean, that I have sanguine hopes we might raise such valuable products as wine, olive oil, figs, maize, flax, silk, rice, indigo and tobacco.” ~ Sir John Morphett, 1836


March – May

Average daytime temperature 22 – 23C

Autumn Season

  • The weather becomes mild, nights are cool and the last of the summer garden ripens
  • Quinces are harvested and the aroma of slow cooked fruit fills the air
  • Figs are harvested, dried or made into jam
  • Fully laden almond trees are harvested
  • Ripe olives are cold pressed for oil
  • Crisp and sweet apples are harvested for the autumn table
  • Grape vintage continues through to Easter
  • With the arrival of the first cool days, orchards and vineyards begin to show autumnal colours of red, gold and brown
  • Autumn is a surfer’s delight on Fleurieu beaches

“All across the Fleurieu, we’re passionate and intently focused on producing the best food and wine we possibly can. It’s the ideal  destination for leisure lovers with a hunger to taste the good things in life.” ~ Rachel McMillan, Scoop SA


June – August

Average daytime temperature 12 – 18C

Winter Season

  • Almond blossoms burst into life, filling the orchards with delicate colour
  • Olives are preserved for the table
  • The bare orchards and vineyards are dotted with yellow-jacketed pruners
  • Root vegetables swell in the winter garden
  • Wood smoke hangs in the air, signalling the winter chill
  • Sea and Vines Festival
  • Willunga Almond Festival

“Gems, such as tiny green walnuts, heritage quinces and bitter oranges, are regularly dropped at our doorstep by growers. It’s so fresh – They pick the produce on Friday and it is all consumed by Sunday.” ~ David Swain, Fino


In Season this Month

New season Apples, Beetroot (including Cylinda), Broccolini, Bok Choy, Carrots (red, orange, paris market), Cauliflower (purple and romanescu), Chickweed, Cress, Celeriac, Cumquats, Dandelion, Fennel, Jersualm Artichokes, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mangel Wurtzel, Mizuna,, Leeks, Limes, Onions , Pears, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Purslane, Radish, Rhubarb, Rocket, Sorrell, Spinach, Spring Onions, Sprouts,  Strawberries, Swedes, Turnips, Quince.

Produce by Season Chart

Spring (Sept-Nov)

Summer (Dec-Feb)

Autumn (Mar-May)

Winter (June-Aug)

Artichokes Apple Almonds Apples
Asparagus Apricots Apples Feijoas
Basil Beans Avocado Grapefruit
Chilli Blueberries Cucumber Lemons
Eggs Capsicum Eggplant Oranges
Garlic Cherries Goats Cheese Potatoes
Kid Chilli Grapes Root Vegetables
Lobster Figs Mandarin Zucchini
Loquats Grapes Mushrooms
Milk Lemon Olive Oil
Peas Lime Olives
Salad Leaves Melons Plums
Spring Lamb Mulberries Quince
Strawberries Nectarine Spinach
Sweet Potato